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Åsa Jungnelius: Rethinking Relations

April, 16 2020

TLmagazine speaks to visual artist Åsa Jungnelius in light of the uncomfortable circumstances caused by the COVID-19 outbreak. Especially now, her methodology and materialization sparks interesting perspectives and discussions.

Fabian von Spreckelsen, Iron and Rust

April, 15 2020

German artist Fabian von Spreckelsen artisanal approach to sculpture guides him to create unique and bespoke pieces for Spazio Nobile with a singular identity, using Corten steel and eroded metal.

Glenn Adamson: Material Culture

April, 13 2020

By focusing on craft and materiality as a common fabric, curator and writer Glenn Adamson’s practice hopes to cross cultural and language barriers alike. TLmag spoke to Glenn to learn more about his extensive research on material culture,

Raimund Abraham: Angles and Angels

April, 10 2020

In the solo exhibition Raimund Abraham: Angles and Angels. Drawings Models Prototypes, the MAK presents works by the Austrian-American architect Raimund Abraham.

Kristina Riska’s ‘Fysis’

April, 10 2020

One of Finland’s most internationally renowned ceramic artists, Kristina Riska’s first solo show with Galerie Forsblom showcases two series that each reflect on the artist’s methodology of bringing unknown or looked over ideas into the spotlight.

Broken Nature — Humans Are Earth

April, 09 2020

TLmag caught up with last year’s La Triennale di Milano’s curator Paola Antonelli to learn more about her focus on restorative design, how she sees the future of human-made design and the inspirations behind the immense exhibition.

Sarah Myerscough Gallery: Tectonics

April, 04 2020

Sarah Myerscough Gallery presents Tectonics, a show focussing on ancient materials which speak of the nature of the planet and her crust. The earth’s masses surfaces in formations that have been eroded and transformed within the deep fabric of time.

Éva Le Roi

March, 28 2020

Another way to draw the city French illustrator Éva Le Roi has spent the past…

Signes du quotidien

March, 27 2020

Creators of th FIG, Festival of Graphic Design in Liege, Jeremy Joncheray and Benjamin Dupuis are also behind the studio Signes du quotidien. Marie Honnay has met the co-founder Benjamin Dupuis.

Pao Hui Kao: A Journey of Material Development

March, 19 2020

Pao Hui Kao is a designer, researcher, and artist based in Eindhoven. She explores ‘ordinary’ materials in the creation of extraordinary aesthetics. TLmag caught up with her to talk about her work and presentation with Spazio Nobile Gallery.

Rain Wu: To Appear and Disappear with Lightness

March, 17 2020

What truths do maps truly convey about our place in the world? Continuing her methodological focus on sustainability and temporality, the newest series of works by British-Taiwanese artist Rain Wu allows us to re-imagine our relationship with these cultural artefacts.

Gijs Bakker: Thinking Big on a Small Scale

March, 12 2020

Gijs Bakker recently developed the MASieraad foundation that initiated Challenging Jewellery; a temporary Master’s at the Sandberg Instituut. TLmag caught up with Bakker to talk about the programme in the current changing field of design.

Bela Silva’s “Despierta Corazón Dormido”

March, 11 2020

The vibrant colours of Bela Silva’s newest series give Spazio Nobile’s space a Spring awakening. Inspired by the artist’s recent trip to Mexico, the show celebrates Latin-American culture, its history and diverse craftsmanship in a cycle of drawings,

Good Things Come in Threes: COLLECTIBLE 2020

March, 06 2020

With its expanded roster of over 100 international exhibitors, and offering a platform for both represented and unrepresented designers, the third edition of COLLECTIBLE is an exciting space of possibilities.