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Manon Daviet’s Knitted Landscapes

May, 26 2020

Using various textile techniques like knitting, embroidery and tufting, Paris-based textile artist Manon Daviet transposes her drawings into tapestries, creating what she calls “volume paintings”. Here, she talks TLmag through her multidisciplinary practice,

Mounir Fatmi: Experimental Archives

May, 25 2020

Ever since he was a child, Mounir Fatmi has been curious about the transformation of objects – how, with a slight change of context or position, they can take on entirely new meanings.

Igshaan Adams, Personal Devotion

May, 22 2020

Cape Town-based, multi-disciplinary artist, Igshaan Adams, expresses and unpacks his identity – race, religion and sexuality – through his art. In ritualistic performances and through…

Galerie Templon: Chiharu Shiota

May, 21 2020

This summer, Galerie Templon will be filled with the spectacular woven work of Japanese artist Chiharu Shiota. Two in-situ installations and a series of new sculptures explore the “Inner Universe” that some may see as the mind,

Mythologies are Stories: An Interview with Athina Ioannou

May, 20 2020

Greek artist, Athina Ioannou (1968), currently residing in Dusseldorf, maximizes and reinterprets painting with minimal and economic means. Her sensuous ‘abstract’ painting – which she prefers to refer to as ‘plus-painting’ –

WALDEN’s Pockets of Everyday Wilderness

May, 19 2020

Continuing the ecological conversation that “Broken Nature” at Milan’s Triennale brought forward last year, the 22 designers selected for Schloß Hollenegg for Design’s latest exhibition tap into the design world’s collective consciousness.

The Island of the Colorblind

May, 18 2020

Relating to the theme of TLmag’s 31st print edition, Islands of Creation, we present an extract from ‘The Island of the Colourblind’ by Dutch photographer Sanne de Wilde.

Alok Nandi: The Future of Design is Now

May, 13 2020

Creative director, speaker, consultant, teacher and author – this multi-faceted designer and theorist gives TLmag his vision on the past and future of design and the profession of the designer in relation to the COVID-19 crisis.

Silvano Magnone: Taking Time

May, 12 2020

Using wet plate collodion photographic processes from the mid-19th century, Silvano Magnone’s images take over an hour to develop. As a result, his intimate portraiture gives shape and feeling to suspended time.

Maja Heuer: A Love Letter to Glass

May, 11 2020

The Glass Factory founder Maja Heuer reflects on her motivations for establishing the Glass Factory and the need for new approaches to the business of glass.

Bas Smets: Towards a New Generation of Landscape Architects

May, 08 2020

Archaeology is a pertinent source of knowledge on ancient cultures – its enquiry deeply embedded in the past. Brussels-based landscape architect Bas Smets switches this timeline around as he looks towards designing what he calls ‘the archaeology of the future’.

Natutama: Life Beyond the Amazon Rainforest

May, 05 2020

This poetic monochromatic photo series by Brazilian-American photographer Eliseu Cavalcante documents his 2500 mile journey down the length of the Amazon River – capturing the life of the people who live on its shores.

Mediamatic: Rethinking Intimacy

May, 01 2020

Mediamatic is inspired by the government regulations in the wake of COVID-19 and presents ‘Serres Separée’, which prompts a new design for dining together. 

Carine Boxy: Soft as the Moon, Rough as the Earth

April, 28 2020

Deep in the middle of the Flemish fields, Belgian designer Carine Boxy creates large interior landscapes of sheepskin that drape over floors, walls and furniture. Her beautiful workplace breathes her aesthetics: rough,

Floris Wubben Breaks the Mould

April, 27 2020

With his ‘Pressed’ objects, innovative Dutch ceramicist Floris Wubben continues to push the limits of his materials by using a self-developed extrusion machine to explore their characteristics and their behaviour when being moulded.