Best Wishes for 2018

— January, 10 2018

Spazio Nobile Wishes you a Noble Year 2018! Therefor we invite you to celebrate with us the passed and the brand new year on Sunday 14 January, 12-4 pm, during our Sunday Brunch.

Season VII – Die Werkstatt

— February, 9 2017

Season VII 9.2 – 6.5.2018 Die Werkstatt – Damien Gernay, Kaspar Hamacher, Jonas Loellmann, Valentin Loellmann, Fabian von Spreckelsen. Sculptural Furniture Design & Photography They all graduated from the Academy of Fine Arts in Maastricht and have known each other for 13 years,

#itinerance02 at BOZAR, Brussels, BE

During #itinerance02 at Bozar within the context of Art Truc Troc & Design, Spazio Nobile will be exhibiting works by four of its designers: La Balance Chrome (multiple) by Nathalie Dewez,

New Year’s Brunch: Wishing You A Noble Year 2018

— January 2018

New Year’s Brunch: 14.1.2018, 12-4 pm Season VI Blauw. Ceci n’est pas une couleur Piet Stockmans & Frederik Vercruysse, Duo Show Until 4 February 2018 Spazio Nobile invites you to celebrate the past and the brand new year this Sunday.

Spazio Nobile at Art Elysées, Art & Design

— October, 13 2017

Exhibition, 19– 23.10.2017 Spazio Nobile at Art Elysées Art & Design Pavilion C –  310C 19-23.10.2017, 11.00-20.00 Spazio Nobile will showcase contemporary unique pieces and limited editions exploring the organic and material alchemy.

Season VI – Blauw. Ceci n’est pas une couleur

— September, 15 2017

Piet Stockmans and Frederik Vercruysse converse around the theme Blauw. Ceci n’est pas une couleur. Stockmans, master of porcelain and inventor of his famous Stockmansblauw, and Vercruysse, talented architecture and interior design photographer, inhabit the space through artistic installations and tactile and visual assemblages.

Opening of Season VI – Blauw. Ceci n’est pas une couleur

— September, 15 2017

Stockmans and Vercruysse share that culture of minerality which is the focus of Spazio Nobile’s exhibitions. By reducing ornamentation in their essential and existential approach, the two creators give form to the idea of Blauw. Ceci n’est pas une couleur. More than a pigment, it is a primary colour that oscillates on the border between shadow and light: the ultramarine of cobalt, from sky to sea, from the still image to the porcelain piece.

The Endless Column by Tomáš Libertíny during Brussels Gallery Weekend

— September, 05 2017

Until Sunday 17 September 2017 Spazio Nobile takes part to Brussels Gallery Weekend on Friday 8 – Saturday 9 and Sunday 10 September 2017 from 11 am until 7 pm Opening: Thursday 7 September from 6-10 pm in presence of Tomáš Libertíny New pieces are on show: The Endless Column and the new Honeycomb Vase,

Slowtime Conference by Tomáš Libertíny

Slowtime Conference by Tomáš Libertíny 22.1v.2017, 18.30-20.00 at Flagey, Studio 3, as part of Art Brussels VIP Programme (21-23/4/2017) Season V – 20.IV – 23.VII.2017 Tomáš Libertíny, Solo Show Chronosophia Book your seat at Tomas Libertiny Slowtime conference at Flagey as part of Art Brussels VIP programme.

Season IV – Crystallized Apéro

25.3.2017, 17-20.00 Crystallized Apéro Spazio Nobile warmly invites you to join us on Saturday 25 March 2017, from 17.00 till 20.00 for an apéro. CRYSTALLIZED Group Show Chen &

Season IV – Crystallized Brunch

In the framework of our freshly opened Season IV “Crystallized” group show, you are warmly welcome to discover a new universe of outstanding works and installations exploring the organic through ceramics,