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Opening Keep Your Garden AlivE 

at Institut finlandais, rue des Écoles 60 in Paris 5e, on Tuesday 23 April, 18.30-20.00. 

Keep Your Garden Alive is a group exhibition with eighteen Finnish renowned and emerging artists and designers who are currently reshaping the contemporary Finnish art and design scene. The exhibition is curated by Lise Coirier, Pro Materia & Spazio Nobile Gallery, and Kati Laakso, Director of the Finnish Cultural Institute for the Benelux, in collaboration with Institut finlandais.

Press preview on 23 April from 11am-1pm.

Contact: Elsa Sarfati PR for Spazio Nobile,, +33 6 10 84 27 48.

The exhibition runs from 24 April until 13 July, open from Tuesday to Saturday, from 10am until 6pm.

Download the full invitation here.

Download the full Finnish Season catalogue here.

The exhibition suggests a narrative on how to observe what is fragile around us, and how to protect it. How to make your garden flourish in times of drastic environmental changes? Applied arts remind us of how the earth and the natural elements remain as the best source of innovation and creation. The use of design-led craftsmanship such as ceramics, glass, metal, and wood bring us back to our human roots and sense of our material culture. The notion of the garden stands as a symbol for living objects, and how we need to cherish them to pass it onto the next generations. The exhibition implies a metaphor for the inner and outer life as well as a real-life illustration of our mineral and organic man-made world.


Spazio Nobile exhibits on Art Brussels, Tour & Taxis,

booth D36, from 25 until 28 April.

Preview from 11am-5pm & Vernissage from 5-10pm

A duo show of Bela Silva, large scale ceramics and Kustaa Saksi, new cycle of tapestries “First Symptoms”

On the picture: collage of Kustaa Saksi’s “Aura” tapestry (detail) from his new cycle “First Symptoms”, 2019, Jacquard weave, mohair, wool, cotton velvet, acrylic, 170 x 250 cm combined to Bela Silva’s “Dame du Soir”, 2019, glazed stoneware sculpture with cobalt and black clay slips, ca. 80 x 50 cm

Season XI – Formosa :

A New Layer Taiwan meets Yii



Photo by Margaux Nieto



The exhibition runs from 22 March until 12 May at Spazio Nobile

Welcome to our Sunday brunches on 24 March, 5 May and 12 May 2019, 12-6pm

The day of our finissage, you can book the Tea Ceremony with Rain Wu on 12 May at 2pm – 3pm – 4pm or 5pm (max 6 people / session). Please send us an email to to precise your chosen hour.

Formosa in brief

Formosa: A New Layer Taiwan meets Yii is a retrospective exhibition of a decade of local and international craft, art and design collaborations with Taiwan, supported by the Taiwanese Cultural Center in Paris, the NTCRI (National Taiwanese Craft Research and Development Institute), the Taiwanese Ministry of Culture, Spazio Nobile / Pro Materia.

In collaboration with: Lobmeyr (AU), Lyngby Porcelæn (DK), Thalie Lab (BE) & Émaillerie belge (BE).

Participating designers and craftsmen

Artists and Designers : Anton Alvarez (Chili-SE), Carina Seth Andersson (SE), BCXSY (IS-NL-JP), Cheng-Tsung Feng (TW), Gabriella Gustafson & Mattias Stählbom – TAF Architects (SE), Sebastian Herkner (D), Matti Klenell (SE), Jin Kuramoto (JP),  Chen-Hsu Liu (TW), Idee Liu (TW), Stina Löfgren (SE), Wonmin Park (KO), Poetic Lab (TW),  Julie Richoz (FR-CH), Richu Lacquer Art (TW), Cheng Tsung Feng (TW),  Rock Wang (TW),  Li-Hsin Wang (TW), Pili Wu (TW), Rain Wu (TW) & Studio O’Sullivan

Taiwanese craftsmen: Chin-Tuan Chiu, Ming-Zong Chen, Clay+art & craft co, Kao-Ming Chen, Pei-Tse Chen, Ching-Chi Huang, Mao-Hui Chen, Chin-Mei Huang, Jian Cheng Lin, Hsing-Tse Liu, Wu Xing Ceramic Art Studio, Ban Tao Yao, Ming An Wu, Shu-Fa Wu, Zhongyi Industry Co. Ltd. , Tsun-Jen Lee


Formosa : A New Layer Taiwan refers to the ‘Beautiful Island’ (at the time of the Ihla Formosa when the island was occupied by the Portuguese in the middle of the 16th century). It bridges Eastern and Western cultures. This forest-cloaked land that is Taiwan has a strong character and its crafts and qualities are very specific, unique and distinctive including some strong influences from various cultures such as the Dutch, the Chinese, the Japanese. Formosa is a title which embraces history, culture, art and design, and the island as a place for creation, including rich dialogues, exchanges and explorations of creative craft and design from here and abroad.

What Yii did in this myth for all China, the modern Taoist priest, still does for the local community: he recycles the “old energy” (ku-ch’i), and so gives the community a new breath. It is often called the “three virtualities” (san-ts’ai), which refers to the cultural triad of heaven, earth, and man.

Background of the exhibitions

A New Layer is an established network which has been set up – after the Yii Project curated by Gijs Bakker until 2011 – by a group of talented Swedish designers – Carina Seth Andersson, Matti Klenell, Stina Löfgren, Gabriella Gustafson & Mattias Stählbom – TAF Architects –, in close connection with the NTCRI (National Taiwan Craft Research and Development Institute), Taiwan. Following the experience of four years of intense relationships between Sweden and Taiwan between 2012 and 2016, Lise Coirier, art director of Pro Materia was appointed as curator end 2016 to set up A New Layer II, enriching the design-led craft dialogue between Taiwan and the rest of the world. Thanks to this cross-cultural platform of art and design, A New Layer Taiwan has been established in Spring 2018 as an international network enhancing a more fluid exchange of knowledge and competencies between highly talented makers from Taiwan (rattached to the NTCRI) and designers coming from Europe and Asia.

By working in close relationship with the NTCRI’s ateliers, the designers from Europe and Asia have developed a series of experimental but ready-to-produce prototypes. They have opened up new potentialities and have generated dialogue about the conception, production and distribution of new typologies of objects for everyday use. By pushing even further the qualities of the Taiwanese handmade production and profiling it at a European and international level, this continuous exploration of materials and mixed media has led to explore not only lacquer, but also ceramics from Koji Pottery and Yigge Ceramic District and experimental bamboo weaving. A New Layer II that happened between July 2017 and June 2018 got gifted designed involved into the project such as Anton Alvarez (Sweden), Sebastian Herkner (Germany), Jin Kuramoto (Japan), Wonmin Park (Korea), Sayaka Yamamoto & Boaz Cohen – Studio  Bxcsy (Japan – Israel) and Julie Richoz (Switzerland – France). The official launch of the collection happened in June 2018 within the Design Curio featured by Spazio Nobile Gallery, in the framework of Design Miami/Basel.