Miroir-fenêtre (Black)

by Amy Hilton

Pastel sec sur papier et marbre
/Dry pastel on paper and marble
65 cm x 50 cm
(dimensions variables)

Studio views by Margaux Nieto

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Battle of Harapouri

Collection: Woolgathering
Jacquard Weave
Mohair Wool, Acryl, Cotton, Biofur Cotton, Polyester
170 x 190 cm
Edition of 6

Insula Major – The Nature of Things

Limited edition with 8+2 artist’s proofs. Pigment print on pur cotton paper, on the reverse signed, titled, dated and numbered, Artist frame in oak with Optiwhite glass
insula maior,

Water Life

Alpine cow, Icelandic sheep skins, Australian
merinos, small Corsican sheep
200 x 130 cm

The V&A is an Opera House

The Royal Opera House and the Victoria and Albert Museum have come together to devise a journey through four centuries of opera

Pot grand bleu

45 years after his Golden Medal won at the Design Center Brussels, 1972, the Italian potter and ceramist Antonio Lampecco comes back to the contemporary scene at Spazio Nobile. As a passionate artist, he will never stop creating new typologies of objects, searching always for new cristalline glosses, glazes and firing processes. Looking back at the golden age of Maredsous Abbey, where Lampecco studied ceramics, we are reexploring with him the Maredsous school founded in 1903, which was from 1939 until the mid-1960s one of the excellence center for applied arts in Belgium, especially when speaking about training artists rather than craftsmen in the field of silversmithing and ceramics. Many of the masterpieces coming from Maredsous have been revealed to the public at the Expo 58 in Brussels.


wet plate collodion, 2 tintypes, signature engraved on the back of the plates, framed
25 x 40cm (40 x 55cm framed)
8 + 2AP

Opening of Season VI – Blauw. Ceci n’est pas une couleur

Stockmans and Vercruysse share that culture of minerality which is the focus of Spazio Nobile’s exhibitions. By reducing ornamentation in their essential and existential approach, the two creators give form to the idea of Blauw. Ceci n’est pas une couleur. More than a pigment, it is a primary colour that oscillates on the border between shadow and light: the ultramarine of cobalt, from sky to sea, from the still image to the porcelain piece.

Klenell Matti

By nature and from accustomed habit.
He explores with his pencil. Researches. His sense of form is exceptional – he can draw a slick line in his sleep. But for him the challenge lies rather in bringing life to his subjects,

Isaac Monte on Crystallized

Designer Isaac Monte tells TLmag about the years of research that went into his work on display in Crystallized, at Spazio Nobile in Brussels until April 19.

La danseuse

glazed stoneware
38 x 48 x 6 cm
unique piece

Harri Koskinen: Simplicity is a Sylvan Sauna

Harri Koskinen is a Finnish industrial designer, furniture maker, exhibition designer and curator for STILL/LIFE, a major retrospective exhibition about Finnish designer Tapio Wirkkala.

Red Poppy [Ignis Ubinanae]

Limited edition with 10+2 artist’s proofs. Each picture has a unique size. Framed as an American box with a engraved brass plate. Chromogenic print (C-Print) on HR Ilfoflex Prestige paper.
Available edition: 2/10

Limited Edition: Art of the Rug

Katia De Witte, director of Limited Edition, tells TLmag how she has turned her receptiveness to new ideas into one of the brand’s greatest assets.

Up Next: MoOD+Indigo Brussels 2018

Patrick Geysels, Director of MoOD+Indigo Fairs, Brussels, tells us what to look forward to at this years edition, including innovation and future thinking

TAF – Gabriella Gustafson and Mattias Ståhlbom

TAF is a Stockholm based design and architecture studio founded by Gabriella Gustafson and Mattias Ståhlbom. Since its foundation in 2002, it has achieved international acclaim with a portfolio of work spanning touring exhibitions,

Das Pop / Single bulb

With this piece Maarten Baas looked toward classic, recognizable shapes, yet with a modern and almost comic twist. Technically it is a unique joint-venture between the classic hand-blown glass by Lasvit and the clay-covered arms by Baas and his production team from Den Herder Production House.

Double Trouble: Paul McCarthy

This month brings not one, but two exhibitions highlighting Paul McCarthy’s visceral, often hauntingly humorous multi-faceted artistic practice.


CIAV, Meisenthal-France, 2011
blown glass, sanded, anodised aluminium, led
Ø 45 x 290 mm
limited edition 17 + 3 A/P

Jan Frydrych’s Opticality

Czech glass artist and sculptor Jan Frydrych combines transparent, red and indigo-blue glass to create sophisticated optical glass-art pieces. Imbued with life as light shines through them, the pieces offer a new dimension to the world that they refract.

Oil Drawing



Ink and oil on


42 x 59,4 x 0,1 cm

Unique piece

Crystallized Icons

Our speed and efficiency —faster, better, stronger. This has caused a shift in our perception of time. In our fast paced society time seems to fly, time has become a luxury product, time has become a currency. In reality time has been passing at the same speed for ages. Nature can be seen as the opponent of today’ s society. Natural processes are the proof of time. For the last months I have been researching stalagmites, one of the greatest wonders of nature. I have been experimenting with minerals to grow stalagmites and to conduct their shape and colour. By dissolving minerals in water and by heating up this solution it is possible to create an oversaturated medium. During the cooling process these minerals transform into crystals. Further on I have been researching a variety of dying techniques, minerals, pigments and colorants to change the color of the crystals. The growing process of these objects can be seen as a metaphor for time. Each object is unique in shape, color and texture, due to the organic development. The objects are the result of the natural crystallization of minerals and the influence of the designer on the formation process.

The Horta Museum’s ‘Collection of Collectors’

What does it mean to collect, or to present a collection? This year, Brussel’s Horta Museum celebrates three monumental anniversaries by presenting three exhibitions that each sheds a different light on the notion of the collecting.


naturally dyed sheepskin quilts and interior objects
320 x 350 cm

Kustaa Saksi : Herbarium of Dreams

Kustaa Saksi will be exhibiting seven of his recent tapestries with Spazio Nobile Gallery during Collectible 21st Century Design at the Vanderborght Building, Brussels, from 7 until 11 March.

Untitled II

watercolor on Japanese paper,
framed and signed by the artist
50 x 68 cm
unique piece

Les Aubergines

sculpted tufting tapestry
50 x 50 cm
unique piece

OVO editions / Pol Quadens: 25 June – 12 September

OVO Editions is the label for the design furniture collection by Pol Quadens. Produced in Corian® and carbon fiber in his Brussels workshop, this collection reflected the search for beauty, balance and purity of the Belgian designer.

Studio Nedda: Twisted Sheen

TLmag spoke to Nedda El-Asmar about her ornate Torna door-handle design for heritage brand Maison Vervloet, on show at Spazio Nobile.

Social Street – Milan

Social Street http://www.socialstreet.it The idea of Social Street originates from the experience of the Facebook group ‘Residents in Fondazza street ‘, started in September 2013 in the city of Bologna. A resident in Fondazza Street,


centre piece
Swedish black basalt
240 x 8 x 5cm
unique piece in a series of 12

The Essai of Massoud and Nawam

With Essai, an exhibition in Beirut’s Carwan Gallery, the two ceramic artists relent control of their pieces to the unexpectedness of chemical trials


Image  10×13 cm
Artist Frame 13X18
Edition one of a kind
All frames are mounted with anti reflection & UV protection glasses

Plisse Cloud / Large

The fashion elements and softness of fabric are here transformed into glass. One of the objects is based on the technique of Plisse, which rotates around its own axis. The other design is based on layering cracked desks.

Zaha Hadid for Georg Jensen

Remember the singular genius of Zaha Hadid with an exquisite piece of wearable architecture from Georg Jensen.

The Cong Collection

Julie Richoz & Chin-Mei Huang
Vase, Box, Centerpiece
Lacquerware with matt and glossy nishes

The Bamboo Chair

Jin Kuramoto & Jian Cheng Lin
Bended and woven bamboo
113 x 80 x 77 cm


EDRA Partners with CONI for Casa Italia

The Italian National Olympic Committee (CONI) has partnered with Edra to furnish Casa Italia, its headquarters for the Rio de Janeiro for the 2016 games.

Douglas the Traveling Celebrity

What do you get when you blow molten hot glass into a mold made of Douglas Fir? A Douglas Vase designed by François Azambourg at CIAV in 2007.

Chen Chen & Kai Williams

Chen Chen & Kai Williams is a New York-based design studio working in furniture, products, interiors and mixed materials.The company was first established as an experimental design space in 2011 by Pratt graduates Chen Chen and Kai Williams –

Familiari Christelle

Christelle Familiari builds her work in connection with her body; meshes, twists, braiding, weaving and threading are born from her movements, with no intermediary. Her work often questions the relationship of the body to another,

Norwegian Crafts at Design Miami

At Design Miami, Norwegian Crafts showcases key pieces by the ever-so-relevant and politically-charged oeuvre of feminist craftspeople Elisabeth von Krogh and Ellen Grieg.


Vaux le Vicomte,
photograph, wet collodion, ferrotype,
pigment print on cotton paper
60 x 45 cm
signed and dated
edition 1/8 + 2AP

The Wind of the Sahara

collage, mixed media, framed and signed by the artist
199 x 164,5 cm, framed